carbon calculator

GreenerFleet’s carbon calculator is linked to your Masternaut Three X vehicle tracking technology, and can give you a totally accurate distance record for each driver and vehicle in your fleet.

By taking the fuel consumption figures and official carbon output per km for each of your vehicles, GreenerFleet automatically calculates your fleet's carbon footprint on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

In order to achieve this level of detail, our advanced CANbus technology is linked directly to your vehicle’s engine management system. This allows you to gain incredibly detailed real-time visibility of all areas of the vehicle’s performance, from emissions to driver style and behaviour. Regular monitoring of the data provides insight that can help you drive change and reduce your carbon output. GreenerFleet can then translate this data into a simple to understand graphic that charts your performance against a range of green measures, including engine idling, total CO2 emissions, speed, total distance and total fuel consumption.

What else will Masternaut Three X do?

  • Display accurate distance and fuel consumption records
  • Monitor your engine idling to help reduce fuel costs
  • Inform you of speeding to reduce excessive emissions
  • Optimise your routing to save unnecessary miles and time
  • Benchmark your vehicles against your industry sector
  • Simultaneously track several KPIs to become more efficient
A screenshot of the GreenerFleet live carbon calculator.
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